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Torii Unwind

Sleep-promoting and restorative, this formula stimulates deep regenerative processes critical for the brain and body. Support healthy rest by soothing the mind and body. Use when you’re winding down, before you go to sleep.

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Calms central
nervous system


induces sleep


Aids in a healthy
Wind down and calm your mind Tart like cherry, sweet as bee pollen
Good For: Deep sleep, Releasing tension, Night-time restoration


0.5fl oz - 15ml Box of 5

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are your on the go solution to increased vitality.

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0.5fl oz - 15ml Box of 20

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3.4fl oz - 100ml Box of 6

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MY Torii Unwind

Daily Routine

Drink one bottle a day or shake it up by mixing Torii Unwind with your favorite bedtime drink.
Drink Torii Unwind after a long stressful day to relax the body and mind before sleep.
Drink Torii Unwind every day to support restorative deep sleep so you feel fresh the next day.

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