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Torii Restore

An all-in-one restorative solution, this formula replenishes the body from the inside out — it’s hydrating, revitalizing, regenerative and provides a balanced energy release. Use post-workout, or after a late-night.

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Balance your


Restore essential


Re-energize at
cellular level
An ultra-replenishing, regenerative combo As smooth as lemon meringue
Good For: Post-yoga, Muscle regeneration, Replenishing the body when depleted


0.5fl oz - 15ml Box of 5

Our nutrient-dense shots
are your on the go solution to increased vitality.

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0.5fl oz - 15ml Box of 20

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3.4fl oz - 100ml Box of 6

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MY Torii Restore

Daily Routine

Don't venture to the gym without your Torii Restore. Put it in your gym bag to help you feel replenished and energized post exercise.
Drink one bottle every time you workout or shake it up by mixing Torii Restore with your favorite post exercise shake.
Feeling depleted and run down? Drink a Torii Restore to replenish your body with essential nutrients and electrolytes.

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