• Shots - Box of 12
  • Shots - Box of 12
  • Shots - Box of 12

Torii Re-Leaf

Relieves pain and mild anxiety by boosting immunity and detoxifying your internal organs.

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Take a deep breath and find relief


Ease the body and mind


Soothing support and emotional calm
Mild pain and anxiety relief A soothing golden nut milk chai
Good For: Calming your nerves, Reducing inflammation, Reducing pain*


1.9 oz - 55ml Box of 12

Try our shot for a more revitalizing drinking experience packed with even more fulvic acid!

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MY Torii Re-Leaf

Daily Routine

Drink one bottle a day or shake it up by mixing Torii Re-Leaf with your favorite juice or smoothie recipe.
We prefer chilled or on ice but it is also delicious at room temperature.
Drink Torii Re-Leaf every day to support anti-inflammation and help combat mild anxiety and pain from exercise.

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