Torii Awake

A powerful combination of adaptogenic herbs provides improved mind body performance, and fulvic acid increases the potency of the formula while cleansing and nourishing your system from the inside out. Use when waking for a clear and creative day.

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Increase concentration
and awareness


Increase resiliency
to stress


Sustained energy
and mental endurance
Kick start your day the natural way Ginger Cayenne Snap

Good For

Coffee alternative, Stress management, Brain fog


3.4fl oz 100ml

Our tonics allow for a
more revitalizing
drinking experience.


0.5fl oz 15ml

Our nutrient-dense
shots are your on the
go solution.

Receive the shots you use most on a recurring basis. That way, you never run out of an essential part of your daily ritual. Choose one of our powerful formulas and we’ll deliver them to your door every month. Adjust or cancel your subscription anytime.

MY Torii Awake

Daily Routine

Drink one bottle in the morning or shake it up by mixing Torii Awake with your favorite juice or smoothie recipe.
We prefer chilled or on ice but it is also delicious at room temperature.
Drink Torii Awake in the morning to kick start your day with the invigorating taste of citrus cayenne and ginger.