We're here for the long run,
not just the sprint

Disillusioned by the quick-fix, short-term solutions that are currently offered, Torii Labs co-founders set about finding natural solutions to help us perform, be, and feel our best without eroding our long term health and vitality.



Travel, philosophy, nature and the science of both mind and body have been longtime obsessions for Torii Labs co-founder Lulu Luchaire. Brought up in London and Paris, Luchaire has continued to explore the globe. Ignited by her love for Russian Literature, she spent a year in Russia at age 18, subsequently studying philosophy and psychology at La Sorbonne Paris. She then focused on neuroscience and cognitive science at ENS Paris, and ultimately earned her MBA at HEC Paris. She went on to work in Finance at Credit Suisse and at Apple in retail sales, marketing, and worldwide development. After living in cities throughout the world, from Mexico to Europe, the UK to Japan, she discovered a welcome and unexpected sense of place in California, where Luchaire is currently settled. Her global work experience and passion for health and well-being have culminated in her partnership with Giles Hayward and the formation of Torii Labs.



Having spent 10 years as an investment manager and corporate financier in the emerging markets of China and Russia I know first hand what it is like to live a life out of balance. Over-worked and highly stressed I became that ‘5 cups of coffee a day guy’ to keep up with my crazy lifestyle. Over stimulated, depleted and utterly distracted, my body and mind had had enough and at 28 I had no choice but to re-evaluate how I conducted my life. I knew there was a smarter way to be successful and fulfilled, so I set out on a journey to explore how I could lead a life of balance and vitality. I moved to the sunny shores of California where I met my great friend and business partner Lulu Luchaire. It was here that we started to combine new knowledge about natural medicine with eastern medicinal philosophy. Combining this with our obsession with the healing powers of fulvic acid Lulu and I set out to create a company that could provide essential tools to help others re-evaluate what it is live a life full of vitality and perform at our best.


Mauro Zappaterra MD, PhD


Dr. Zappaterra graduated from Harvard Medical School and specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He focuses on optimizing human performance through regenerative medicine, nutrition, mind-body exercises, mind-training, and biofield therapies.

Nicol Giandomenico, ND,


Nicol received both her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and her Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University, and received her second masters at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China.

McCoy Moretz MD


Dr. Moretz is a Board Certified Surgeon who has acquired over 23 years of dedicated surgical experience. Dr. Moretz incorporates traditional Oriental and Herbal Medicine to encourage healing and optimal recovery. He is also passionate about the healing powers of fulvic acid.

Serving our community

Torii Labs co-founders are both active leadership board members of Vista del Mar children’s charity, where they assist in developing programs which help heal, inspire, and empower children through a reconnection to the natural world.

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