Awake Tonic

With its unique combination of tonifying and supportive herbs, specially designed fulvic acid and high levels of antioxidants, the Torii Awake Tonic is a powerful boost of nutrients that helps to promote energy, increase stamina and improve mental acuity without causing a stimulant effect. Schisandra, Rhodiola and Eleuthero are 3 of the most powerful herbs known to support and tonify all the organ systems of the body. Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen found in Scandinavia as well as Asia and and has been proven to increase mental focus and acuity.   Schisandra berry is one of the only herbs said to tonify all 5 elements, all 12 meridians and all 3 treasures (the essence, vitality and spirit).  It has long been praised as one of the most powerful tonifying herbs in China and it is said that everyone from Emperors to herbalists took Schisandra religiously for longevity, stamina and even strengthening of the sex organs.  Used for centuries in China and Russia, Eleuthero was traditionally used to prevent illness and increase energy, stamina and longevity.   It is known as one of our strongest adaptogenic herbs often used to support the body during times of high stress as well as improve immunity and increase both mental and physical performance. Through a unique and revolutionary process, our pure, organic fulvic acid helps improve cellular health and regeneration as well as the ability of our cells to absorb vital nutrients and maximize energy production. This improves the bioavailability and anti-oxidant capacity of our formula, supporting the highest level of vitality and cellular function.