Sporteluxe: CBD Oil Is The New Coconut Oil

— What You Need To Know About “Weed” Oil

You might have seen mentions of CBD in the news lately because it’s become a popular secondary treatment for people with epilepsy. Specific strains of marijuana have proven to have powerful anti-convulsant effects for those with debilitating seizures, and many in the  epilepsy community have started treating their seizures with CBD oil instead of prescription drugs. A study at New York University’s Langone Medical Center revealed that after three months of treating 261 patients with a drop of cannabidiol daily, seizures were reduced by nearly 45 percent. In fact, GW Pharmaceuticals recently developed Epidiolex, a CBD-based anti-convulsant drug.

So what does it mean for us? Well, CBD is legal—you can buy it online and in some health food stores. It isn’t cheap, but as it becomes more widespread, prices are bound to become more competitive. We can see people adding the oil (which doesn’t have much of a taste) into morning smoothies to boost alertness, blending it into Bulletproof coffee to help with calm nerves before an important work meeting, and taking a spoonful before bed to get to sleep more quickly.

Some forward-thinking wellness companies, like Torii Labs, will even start including it in their health tonics. “Our Re-leaf tonic has organic hemp oil in it which has a high concentration of CBD and 0% THC. We are much more comfortable using a whole plant extract than an extraction. All the different phytocannabinoids work much better together to provide the desired health benefits.” says co-founder Giles Hayward.


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