What's Inside Torii Labs Co-Founder Lulu Luchaire's Carry-On for a Weekend Trip?

Because it’s festival season.

Travel can be hectic and is stressful for most. Whether it be a Torii Labs event in L.A. or a music festival around the world (Hello, Coachella!)—including the one I produce myself in Careyes, Mexico—I’m constantly on the go. Between making sure you’ve packed your passport to dealing with delayed flights and Airbnb reservations, my well-being used to be the last thing I considered. I used to board planes (and start road trips) feeling stressed, frazzled, and in serious need of either food, sleep, or both. That’s why after 35 years of nonstop traveling having a thoughtfully prepared carry-on became essential to my travel routine. Having a well-packed bags helps alleviate the stress of travel and ensures that I’m hydrated and nourished, whether I’m traveling for one or ten hours. From nutrition hacks to in-flight beauty, I thought I’d share exactly what I bring to keep me grounded, on and off the tarmac.

Heritage Store Lavender Flower Water—Recycled plane air is extremely drying, but with a fresh mist of my aromatic rose and lavender water, my skin feels soothed, fresh, and awake. It keeps my skin hydrated until I can wash it next, and it’s also an excellent refresher if I need a midday pick-me-up while I’m battling the heat at a music festival. Can you say glowing?

Moroccan Argan Oil—Few things are as dehydrating to the skin as a flight, so I always make sure to bring argan oil to put it on first thing post-flight (or anytime, really) to keep my skin and hair feeling luxurious. I spent time in Morocco when I was younger and I haven’t been able to live without pure, Moroccan argan oil since—it’s pure magic. I typically use oil sourced directly from Morocco, but when I run out, the OGX brand is a good substitute.

Torii Awake and Restore Shots—I’m often exhausted after traveling and my Torii Shots are a vital pick-me-up, especially when I’m headed straight from the plane to an event. I’ll take my Torii Awake Shot to energize, nourish and gain clarity (perfect before a festival day), and I’ll take my Torii Restore Shot for balance and hydration—they are pre-, during, and post-travel essentials.

Lanvin For Men—I never want to smell like I’ve just gotten off an airplane, so carrying my favorite scent in my bag is a necessity. I’ve been wearing this cologne for twenty years and it’s one of those scents that makes me feel at home no matter how far away I am.

Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Packs—These single-serve almond butter packs are one of the best snacks when I’m on-the-go. There’s nothing worse than being hungry with no access to food and these snacks are perfect for traveling—they’re especially delicious with an apple or banana, too.

Bose Headphones—Plane noise distracts me, especially if I need to get work done on the plane, or if I want to relax and get some rest. My noise canceling headphones help me tune out the sounds around me and combined with my favorite music, I feel like I’m at a personal consent (rather than 30,000 feet above the ground).

CoTZ Sunscreen—The sun’s rays are stronger in the air, so sunscreen is a must! I love this sunscreen because it’s all natural and chemical-free. It’s soft to the touch and blends easily. When I land and am spending hours a day outside at music festivals (especially from Coachella’s desert sun!) it is an essential for my skin’s health and longevity.

Panama Hat—On the topic of sun protection, I don’t travel anywhere without a big hat. Hats also make a cute accessory when I’m at a music festival.

Aviator Nation Hoodie—To help combat cold airplane AC, I always bring a cozy hoodie to bundle up. Plus, add a level comfort to a typically uncomfortable situation: cramped airplane seats.

My keys to surviving travel with sanity come down to a few details that keep me feeling hydrated, charged, and, well, happy. I’ve found that having these items on hand exponentially improves traveling—I hope you benefit from them, too!