Vitality Redefined

The concept of vitality is something that most of us have some kind of innate understanding of; and yet it seems challenging to find a universal definition that would satisfy all. This blog attempts to explain what vitality is; to better understand its essential nature before exploring ways to help experience what it is to be full of the vital energy that is essential to realizing our true potential.

In western cultures we typically associate vitality with the physiological and emotional states associated with feeling exuberant physical strength and mental vigor, combined with a general sense of wellbeing and contentment. To be fully vital is to have sufficient energy to both conceptualize our goals while also having the required motivation, focus and physical prowess to successfully attain our desired aspirations.

In Chinese philosophy vitality can be loosely defined as Qi, the universal life force that animates all living things and in Ayurveda it is known as Prana, or breath, which gives life to all other earthly faculties. It is an energy that flows through all things, both animate and inanimate. Its is essential in the creation of all ideas, thoughts and material things but it does not have intelligence. This energy requires direction. In martial arts Qi is accumulated and directed by the practitioner to meet the practitioners desired outcome.

 If we were to attempt to combine both the western and eastern definition of vitality then one could say that, vitality is a universal life force that forms the fundamental building blocks of all existence. When this vital force is allowed to flow without hindrance then we are able to experience a deep sense of physical strength, mental brightness and contentment.

 In order for us to experience the benefits for this vital force we must bring our body and mind back into a coherent state. When our physical, mental and subtle energetic bodies are aligned and this universal force can flow freely through us, we achieve a mental clarity and exuberant vitality that propels us towards our goals. We see it expressed as a clearly defined purpose, an artistic expression, in joyful compassion and in new ideas and exciting breakthroughs. To be full of vitality is the key to feeling incredible and unlocking our potential.

 So, where are you currently sitting on the vitality arc? Do you feel energized, clear minded and full of inspiration or are you feeling stressed and struggling to fulfil your aspirations?