A nasty hangover is something we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. People will try anything to cure the symptoms; drinking inordinate amounts of caffeine, eating greasy foods, you name it. However, these methods ultimately leach the body of nourishment, and can sometimes even worsen the effects of a hangover.

While there exists no one solution to alleviate all of the symptoms occurring in the aftermath of a night out, the Torii Labs Team is here to help. When taken in unison, our Torii Restore and Torii Awake herbal tonics pack a mean punch to the gut of any hangover.

How we process alcohol

When our bodies break down alcohol, we first metabolize the main component, ethanol. Then, we begin to process the other alcohols present, like methanol, which our body converts into formaldehyde and formic acid - poisons that are extremely toxic to our health. This is when the symptoms of a hangover begin to take place.  


Hangovers spike stress

When we experience a hangover, our body is in crisis mode. Between the damaging physiological effects alcohol has on the brain, the inflammation it causes in the stomach and intestines, and the intense dehydration it spurs, the body must work in overdrive as it tries to rid itself of toxins. In this state, any added stress to the system can throw the body into a state of shock.   

Drinking causes an influx of cortisol, the stress inducing chemical present in our bodies. Too much cortisol alters the body’s ability to respond to stress, which is the reason you may feel tense or anxious after a night out.

Torii Awake help us cope

Fortunately, the adaptogens present in Torii Awake increase our threshold to stress, allowing one to better cope with the stressful psychological state of being so physically depleted. Torii Awake promotes improved stamina and focus and is a healthy alternative to your regular morning cup of joe. Even better, Torii Awake doesn’t dehydrate the body like caffeine does, so you’ll feel improved performance without compromising the water content in your body.

Torii Restore helps us rehydrate

One of the key reasons the body feels drained after drinking alcohol is because of its dehydrating effects. When present in the body, alcohol inhibits the pituitary gland from releasing the hormone necessary for the kidneys to absorb water and electrolytes in the body. When the kidneys cannot absorb water, the body eliminates water through urine, which is the reason intoxicated people have to take so many trips to the restroom.

Torii Restore can help to replenish the body after a night out. This therapeutic herbal tonic is designed for muscle recovery and rehydration, making it the perfect supplement to aid in reducing the effects of hangovers. It’s an all-in-one restorative solution, that’s vegan and non-GMO. Furthermore, with no added sugar Torii Restore can help your body bounce back much more quickly than a traditional sports drink brimming with sugar your body doesn't need.


Reaping the benefits of this dynamic duo

Paired together, Torii Restore and Torii Awake can help get the body back in gear after an exhausting night on the town. They contain real, natural ingredients like goji berries, coconut oil, and cayenne pepper. These tonics are wildcrafted and extremely low-calorie. Torii Restore and Torii Awake are essential herbal supplements that, when made a regular part of your wellness routine, foster the vitality of the body far beyond their ability to lessen your headache and parched mouth