Torii Awake vs. An Energy Drink: The Enlightened Approach to Energy

It’s 3 pm, you’ve had a grueling day at the office, and you’re in dire need of a pick-me-up. You head to the kitchen and find an energy drink perched in the refrigerator; you crack it open and sip.

Your body at a molecular level

Inside, your body is inundated with a flood of caffeine. As the sugary substance matriculates into your bloodstream, your heart and blood pressure slowly rise. 15 to 45 minutes later, you begin to feel more alert as the level of caffeine in your body peaks. About 50 minutes in, once your body has fully absorbed the caffeine, your liver absorbs the excess sugar into your bloodstream. Just one hour after you’ve had an energy drink, you’ll experience a sugar crash, and may suddenly have a headache, fatigue or general irritability.      

A nutrient-rich solution

Torii Awake

We have a more nourishing way to enhance focus, performance, and stamina; Torii Awake. It’s a therapeutic herbal tonic containing fulphyl fulvic acid, a compound created from natural materials, to help increase cell absorption and activate the full potential of the nutrients inside. Plus, Torii Awake removes harmful toxins and encourages cell regeneration in the body.

The average energy drink contains about 80mg of caffeine, 25g of sugar and 100 calories. Depending on the brand of energy drink, some contain much more. Torii Awake is caffeine free, has 5g of sugar, is and is only 45 calories.Torii Awake vs. An Energy Drink

Comparing Torii Awake to the average energy drink, based on statistics from WebMD.

Calming the central nervous system

Caffeine is a toxin that ignites the sympathetic nervous system, causing a flight or fight response in the body. Too much caffeine and activating the flight or fight response too often can result in adrenal fatigue, where your adrenal gland cannot function properly, causing fatigue and other symptoms.     

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for keeping the body in a state of equilibrium, helping the body maintain long-term balance and health. Torii Awake calms the central nervous system while increasing vitality and mental clarity, creating truly sustainable focus.

One of Torii Awake’s key ingredients, Rhodiola Rosea, increases the oxygen carrying capacity of our red blood cells, making Torii Awake particularly effective at increasing energy, vitality, and stamina during times of stress. Rhodiola helps calm the body when it’s gone into fight or flight mode from everyday stressors. Specifically, it manages cortisol levels in the body - one of our main stress hormones - helping to regulate our hormone efficiency.

While energy drinks are over-stimulating and stressful for the body, Torii Awake creates a calm, clear mind - it’s an enlightened approach to energy. 

Real ingredients

Torii Awake Goji BerriesGinger Torii Awake

Our herbal tonic is a powerful and potent combination of tonifying adaptogenic herbs that strengthen the body while helping it adapt to specific needs, like managing stress. With real ingredients like goji berries, eleuthero, and Schisandra Berry, you’ll find nothing artificial inside the bottle.     

The ingredients present in Torii Awake provide health benefits beyond their ability to sustain mind-body performance. Eleuthero, in particular, has immunity-boosting capabilities that strengthen your body’s defense to cold and flu symptoms. This herb increases blood flow to the brain and small capillaries, helping improve cognitive function and memory. Schisandra, another ingredient present in Torii Awake, is a superfood that provides focused, calm energy and promotes healthy, glowing skin. Studies have shown that Schisandra also has antidepressant qualities, helping to elevate mood, increase physical vitality and boost mental performance.  Goji berries, an additional ingredient, are brimming with antioxidants that help lift your mood as well. Studies show that goji berries have plentiful health benefits, including increased energy levels, athletic performance, quality of sleep, mental acuity and calmness.

Energy shouldn’t look like this 

Torii Awake vs. An Energy Drink

While an energy drink might make you feel more awake in the interim, the long-term effects are detrimental and lasting. The sugars present in energy drinks are simple carbohydrates that don’t provide vitamins or minerals to the body and increase weight gain. While caffeine may make you more alert, it takes the body up to 12 hours to fully remove it from its system, which can lead to insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

A vital part of your daily wellness routine

Torii Awake

Torii Awake isn’t an energy drink replacement - it’s an alternative for those looking for calm, sustained energy instead of a wacky, jittery feeling. When incorporated into your daily wellness routine, Torii Awake will help increase concentration and sustain mental endurance. Ginger, citrus, and cayenne will jumpstart your morning the natural way and provide an invigorating boost. Instead of a cup of coffee - or an energy drink - reach for a Torii Awake to clear your mind and enhance your day.