The Benefits of Fulvic Acid —Our Secret Weapon

You make a conscious effort to include superfoods like turmeric, goji berries, and coconut oil—to name a few—in your daily diet, but are you reaping the full nutritional benefits from the foods you’re consuming? Insert an under-the-radar, all-star ingredient: fulvic acid. A compound created from natural materials, fulvic acid helps cells increase the absorption of nutrients and vitamins—think of it as the key that unlocks other ingredients’ latent potential.

Fulvic acid is defined as a humic substance, meaning that it is a component of organic matter, like rich soil, and is released as organic matter decomposes, like leaves and plant materials. During the process, millions of beneficial microbes are released, enhancing the healthful components of fulvic acid.


What’s the big appeal?

In addition to the absorption element, fulvic acid allows the body to function more optimally. It’s a multi-use healer—with immunity-boosting, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Here’s what you need to know about fulvic acid:

Cleanses and detoxifies—Fulvic acid neutralizes free radicals and cleanses the body of pollutants, like heavy metals, detoxifying the body of harmful substances and toxins.

Boosts the immune system—Fulvic acid is immune-stimulating and high in antioxidants. (Side note: Our founders claim to have never been sick since incorporating fulvic acid into their everyday life.)

Controls inflammation—Fulvic acid may reduce inflammation in the body.

Supports the metabolism—Fulvic acid relieves oxygen deficiencies and increases the vital activity of cells, stimulating the metabolism and increasing energy.

Aids digestion—Fulvic acid supports the enzymes involved in digestion, improving the health of your gut and reducing common digestive ailments like bloating and cramps.

This organic compound just might be the secret to actually absorbing your supplements and superfoods—which is why all of our products contain fulvic acid, thereby increasing the potency of the nutrient-dense, wild-crafted herbs we use in our Tonics and Shots.