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Rough Night? Try these Remedies.

So, you had a rough night. Maybe you decided to splurge on one too many bottles of wine with your friends over dinner? Maybe you went on a Netflix and junk food binge on the couch? Maybe the full moon kept you up till all hours of the night? Or, even worse, you or a friend had a Ross and Rachel "We Were on a Break" fight with a significant other?

Truth is, we have all been there. We are all guilty of mistreating our bodies because sometimes life just does get in the way. But, the problem is that the day after these types of nights is often tough due to pain, fatigue, or guilt. Your body and mind suffer and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get your motivation back. However, if you are in that negative post-day boat, there is a way to speed up the healing process. With a little TLC and natural remedies, the day after doesn’t have to be dreadful. Listen to your what your body needs, we do not need to be perfect everyday. It is important to give yourself self-love, freedom and forgiveness, while also staying mindful of healthy and balanced behaviors.

Here’s a helpful guide to get you feeling like yourself and back on the right path.


Your brain is pounding out of your head, your mouth is as dry as the Saharan desert and you want to crawl into a polar bear cave and hibernate. Unless you are an underage college student with a superhuman ability to bounce back, hangovers are actually the worst and feel like they last forever. We always whisper in our dramatic breathe that we will never drink again, until the day comes when we do again. But, when we consume alcohol, we adversely affect the liver’s ability to properly modulate and optimize its functionsAlcohol is broken down by your liver to produce toxic by-products such as acetaldehyde. This is a highly volatile waste product that reacts with cells it comes into contact with causing inflammation, thus the quintessential hangover cocktail. So, if you did indulge on one too many drinks, here's what you should do:

  • Take some B-vitamins. Alcohol depletes vitamins in your body, which are responsible for many metabolic processes, such as detoxification. Take two B-complex vitamins and let them work their magic.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE. Drink copious amounts of spring water, lemon water, coconut water, celery juice, watermelon juice, and cucumber juice, all of which have amazing electrolytes and can hydrate on a cellular level.
  • Take a Restore tonic. In the words of Chris Traeger, it is LITERALLY formulated to help replenish your body from hangovers.
  • Eat clean. It may seem tempting to eat heavy foods such as bread, pancakes, burgers or fries to "soak up the sugar," but this is a myth. You need to restore your liver with a healthy glucose storage. Your body runs on glycogen, which is produced by glucose from carbohydrates. Stick to hardy vegetables if you are craving something comforting. Make your own oil-free potato fries or roast some root vegetables in the oven.
  • Consider liver cleansing herbs. Milk thistle, burdock, hibiscus, dandelion root, artichoke leaf, and chaga mushroom are all liver allies that promote healthy liver function and detoxification.

Too much junk food?

If you are anything like us, junk food indulgences make us wake up feeling bloated and sluggish with an eruption of skin breakouts. The whole experience can feel like we are taking steps back in our healing process and take a toll on our self worth. But, there’s no reason to beat yourself up. Each day is a new day, and one set back won't hurt. Start the day with an easily digestible meal such as a smoothie and load up on superfoods for a burst of energy and motivation. Here's what you can do to get back on track:

  • Eat carbohydrate rich foods. We often hear that carbohydrates are the enemy and that they should be avoided, and when it comes to unproductive carbohydrates, refined sugars, and processed foods, it is indeed important to avoid them. However, natural sugars and other healthy carbs from foods such as fruit, honey, winter squash, and potatoes are the most important foods to protect the nervous system, adrenals and heart, build muscle, increase liver function, moderate our stress response and produce energy.
  • Hydration once again. Salt and sugar are highly dehydrating, so make sure to double your amount of water today. 
  • Tongue scrape. A great way to remove toxins and gently re-stimulate the digestive organs. 
  • Consider digestive herbs. Fresh peppermint, ginger, licorice, bee balm, fennel lemon balm or marshmallow root tea are essential to soothe the gut from inflammation and irritable symptoms.
  • Affirmations of forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Try mantras or affirmations to remind yourself of this fact. Especially if you are a woman, we are all guilty of sitting in front of the mirror and obsessing over our flaws. It is not worth it. You are beautiful and this is just temporary.

Didn’t get any sleep?

Regardless of the reason, if you’re up all night, the next day doesn’t go so well. The day feels slow and arduous, like we are dragging ankles weights through a muddy river. The mind can feel fuzzy and our moods unpredictable. But, before you reach for that cup of coffee, here are some suggestions how to make it through the day with energy and back to your healthy circadian rhythms:

  • Avoid coffee, enjoy Awake. Coffee, sugar and dairy - a true recipe for a crash and burn out situation. Caffeine is too taxing on the adrenals and over time, will completely deplete them. If you need a morning boost, try taking an Awake shot, which is scientifically proven to energize the body with clean ingredients and adaptogenic herbs. If you are slowly weaning away from caffeine addiction and you need an extra jolt, it is okay to sip on some green tea or matcha with your Awake.
  • Nourish with brain foods. True brain foods are rich in glucose to give your mind and body energy like dates, figs, melons, grapes, citrus, raw honey, and smoothies with coconut water. If you are craving sugar or processed carbs, what your body is really craving are these foods.
  • Magnesium Glycinate. Take this early in the day or right before bed. This form of magnesium contains an amino acid that has a calming effect that is incredible for those suffering from stress, insomnia, and excessive nervousness. This mineral also restores neuron functioning and repairs them when they are in a relaxed state or in a downtime mode. Clinical studies have revealed that magnesium glycinate plays a key role in serotonin production. 
  • Unwind for bed. And when you are ready to hit the hay, do not forget your Unwind tonic to help promote deep sleep. 

Anxious or stressful episode?

I think we can all agree that our Ross and Rachel reference was spot on. It's the middle of the night and our friend calls hysterical about a problem, or we have a fight with our significant other, or those nights when our kids are out with friends and we worry about their safety, or when we think too hard about the state of the world, which makes our heads toss and turn all night, leading into a full blown panic attack. These are just a few of the ways stress and anxiety can keep us up all night. But, anxiety and stress do not only affect our sleep patterns, they produce toxic adrenaline that erodes our organs and appears for days after an episode. It's important to help your body get back to homeostasis with these techniques:

  • Immunity powder boost. I think we forget that stress is just as harmful to our health as environmental toxins. It can actually promote pathogens and disease within the body. Our new SUGAR-FREE immunity powder is the quintessential antidote. It can be used daily and is perfectly healthy for the entire family of all ages. Kids will love its delicious tropical flavor ~ think of it as a clean, healthy alternative to EmergenC. It is packed with Vitamin D and C, as well as, oregano oil, cordyceps and beta glucans for all the essential nutrients to keep your immune and respiratory system healthy. (Available in a few short weeks, stay tuned!)
  • Re-leaf and CBD. CBD is a proven way to relieve anxiety and stress. Our Re-leaf formula is incredibly calming while reducing inflammation. 
  • Meditation. The science surrounding meditation and the reduction of anxiety and depression are substantial. Just 10 minutes a day can reduce cortisol levels and relax your entire body.
  • Take it slow. Do as the Kiwis would do. Live life like you are on island time and let your body take the day slowly. Do not overexert energy.
  • Connect to nature. Connecting to earth promotes blood flow, removes inflammation, relaxes the nervous system, stimulates dopamine release, regulates the endocrine system and promotes a greater sense of belonging. Try going for a barefoot walk, forest bathing, sitting at the ocean, hugging a tree, or gardening.
  • Consider nervine herbs. Adaptogens for stress: tulsi, reishi, ashwagandha, rhodiola, rehmannia. Tonic herbs for anxiety: milk oats, oatstraw, skullcap, linden, blue lotus, passionflower, hops, chamomile, anise hyssop. Tonic herbs for emotional stress: mimosa, rosehip, lavender, white sage, lemon balm, mugwort, orange peel