Restorative Sacral Chakra Smoothie

It's official. Indian summer has arrived in California. Indian summer is the juxtaposition of freedom and risk. On one hand, the heat and sunshine make us feel as though summer is extended, and we can enjoy outdoor activities, summer road trips and warm nights for months. On the other hand, it causes intense heat, which brings about the dangerous fire season. After such an intense year, these raging embers can bring about a lot of emotional disturbances and helplessness. But, this year in general has taught us a lot about healing and growing. About balancing our bodies, minds, souls and the earth together as one. Like water, we must flow through our emotions, cool the fire and find happiness in the simplest of places. This all relates to balancing the sacral chakra.

Sanskrit name: Svadisthana

Colour: Orange

Location: Situated on the spine just below the navel.

Element: Water

Meaning: Represents our physical manifestation and is the seed of our creativity. It governs our self worth and our relationship with others. It is the centre for feeling emotion, pleasure, intimacy and connection to others. It represents physical reproduction and the birth of creativity and ideas.

In Balance: When your sacral chakra is balanced, you feel passionate. You are excited with your life and communicate these feelings freely. Consider that much of our ability to communicate comes from our environment as children. Were we allowed to openly communicate that we were happy, angry, sad? Were you allowed to grieve when a family member or pet passed on? Or were your emotions repressed and you were encouraged or even forced to become stoic and hide those emotions? Balance allows you to enjoy life and embrace your sexuality. At times you feel playful; at other times you might be sad or even temporarily depressed due to a given circumstance. You know your boundaries and respect them. You feel creative and that creativity is stimulated by the passion of trying something new or by a success in your field. And you enjoy this with humility.

Out of Balance: If the sacral chakra is excessively out of balance, people may become manipulative, power hungry, or “control freaks” (we’ve all known them). Infidelity can become an issue with an out-of-balance personality. These are the people who stand too close and invade your space and have inappropriately strong (but unnecessary) emotions. To some of them, everything is a crisis that they have to control. A weak chakra will manifest itself with the person being extremely shy, retiring, guilt ridden (including their sexuality), self-conscious, lacking in social skills, and exhibiting helplessness in many parts of their lives. They deny themselves pleasure and often have a rigidity in their beliefs and attitudes that make people around them uncomfortable. According to Eastern traditions, physical imbalances may manifest in kidney or urinary problems, lower back pain, fertility/impotence problems, PMS, digestive issues. Addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, food, junk food, etc.) become a concern in this area. Emotionally, if your creativity has an outward expression, the imbalance may be present when you feel that old “creative block.” Fear is at the top of the list in this category—fear of fun, feelings, rejection, self-worth, or waiting for all the good things in your life to come crashing in. These people feel the “crash” is inevitable. This can lead to depression, frustration, and skepticism about everything and everyone around them. This leads to lack of motivation and possibly to vindictiveness.

Heal: Sitting by or swimming in a body of water can be very healing. Yoga poses that open your hips such as pigeon pose, frog pose, wide legged child pose or triangle pose are great for stimulating the second chakra. Because this chakra is all about creativity expressing yourself through dance, art or poetry can also be very nourishing. Eat orange colored foods. Meditate with the affirmation "I feel".

One way to balance our sacral chakra is by consuming foods related to its color, orange. Our sacral balancing smoothie not only helps heal the chakra, but also hydrates and revitalizes the body from the summer heat and emotions with our Restore tonic. 


Restorative Sacral Chakra Smoothie

3 tbs shredded carrots
2 frozen bananas
2 medjool dates
1 small fresh mango
1 medium-small orange
1 inch fresh turmeric root
1 inch fresh ginger root
1 cup coconut water
1 tbs bee pollen
Restore tonic
1/4 cup oat milk
For optional increased healing: 
1 tbs raw local honey
1 tbs dried mulberries
    Blend all ingredients together. Top the smoothie with bee pollen and optional raw local honey and dried mulberries. Enjoy.
    smoothie recipe adapted and photos from: Will Frolic For Food