Ingredient Spotlight: Health Benefits of Eleuthero

A traditional Chinese medicine native to eastern Asia, Eleuthero has been known for its long list of health benefits for thousands of years but it’s health benefits are fairly new to Western culture. Traditional Chinese medicine has used Eleuthero for combating fatigue as well as increasing endurance and resilience to stress. Often referred to at the “King of Adaptogens,” Eleuthero was used by the Russian military and athletes to increase mental focus, stamina, and performance. Eleuthero comes from the woody roots of the Eleutherococcus plant and helps the body adapt to and better handle internal and external stimuli or stressors, as well as improve memory and energy levels and stimulate the immune system.

So, what does Eleuthero do?

Mind and body boosterFor those looking to boost their mind-body capacity, eleuthero is a strong contender. It has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain and small capillaries, thereby helping cognition and improving memory. Additionally, if you’re fatigued or experiencing weakness, Eleuthero increases endurance and mental performance.

Stress relief—Eleuthero is an adaptogen, meaning that it works as a metabolic regulator, regulating and reducing the impact of physical and environmental stressors by reducing the reactivity of the immune system and minimizing stimulation of the central nervous system.

Immune defenseEleuthero has immunity-boosting powers—among them are its ability to increase immune cell production and treating common cold side effects. With its immune-strengthening effects, Eleuthero acts as a guard protecting against the severity and duration of colds.

How do you use Eleuthero?

You can take Eleuthero in supplement form, although, in traditional Chinese medicine, the leaves and roots are used in their natural form and either boiled or pressed to create a tea, powder, or potent extract. Our Torii Awake Tonic and Shots contain Eleuthero which, when paired with Rhodiola and Schisandra and fulvic acid, stimulates the body to focus and increases mental energy. We use a water extracted, Eleuthero powder with a standardization of 0.8% eleutheroside. The Torii Awake formula is a great way to maintain healthy systems for ultimate states of clarity and alertness, while effectively managing physical and environmental stressors.