Four Reasons Why Tart Cherry Helps You Sleep

Hailing from Southwest Asia and Europe and extracted from the luscious prunus cerasus tree, Tart Cherry is not only the key ingredient to our Torii Unwind formula but is also packed with tons of nutrients and health benefits. With thousands of trends in health and wellness and a large amount of information one consumes daily, we wanted to narrow down your search and provide you with facts about the superfood ingredient in our Unwind product, designed to prepare you for deep sleep. We consulted our resident doctor, Dr. Mauro Zappaterra, MD, Ph.D., to weigh in on the subject of Tart Cherry and how it can provide immense benefits.

Can you say “Zzzz”?—  A sleep routine can be one of the most difficult things to master. It is essential to unwind and relax at the end of the day after your mind has been constantly working. If you have tried everything; yoga, meditation, or sleeping pills, then we have a solution to help you fall asleep. Tart Cherry is a key ingredient in Torii’s Unwind. This super-nutrient ingredient contains high levels of melatonin. “Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, and is activated and released by the pineal gland in response to low light while inducing sleep.” Tart cherries are a natural source and therefore will help with sleep.

Improve your mood — After dealing with various types of personalities all day, improving and maintaining one’s mood is at the top of everyone’s priority list. Serotonin is the chemical responsible for uplifting and maintaining mood balance.  Tart cherry contains a high dosage of proanthocyanidins. “Proanthocyanidins actually inhibit or prevent the breakdown of naturally occurring tryptophan in the body. Tart cherry decreases the breakdown of tryptophan and this increases the availability of the tryptophan allowing the amino acid to act in the body longer, and therefore indirectly significantly increasing serotonin and melatonin doses.” Compared to other red fruits and sweet cherries, the levels of proanthocyanidins in tart cherries are much higher. Maintaining a balanced mind is important for positive well being and for living a better, happier life. Torii’s Unwind formula stimulates deep regenerative processes critical for the brain and body.

Increase Brain Function—Tart cherries may be the key to a clear brain with a focused mindset. According to the research study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, Alzheimer’s patients given cherry extract performed better on cognitive tests such as object recognition. Essential fatty acids and tart cherry extract reduce degenerative brain diseases. It decreases cognitive impairments and inflammation, which is commonly linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  This ingredient may be the key to a brighter and more clear brain. During your evening routine, tart cherry can bolster your brain while giving you the ultimate relaxation treatment. Torii’s Unwind is the perfect remedy to add to your nightly regime to uplift your mind and body.

Reduce Inflammation— If you are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, but hitting those ibuprofens or ice packs pretty hard after a grueling run, then you need to improve your post-workout plan. Tart cherries are effective for overcoming muscle pain. Runners who drink tart cherry juice after long workouts have 23% less pain than people who do not. Our resident Dr. Mauro stated “Tart cherry has a protective and resistant effect on muscles and helps reduce pain during strenuous exercise. They are known to contain anti-inflammatory substances that can dramatically reduce inflammation”. Torii’s Unwind formula can create long term positive effects on your muscular system to improve regenerative processes critical for the body.

Making Tart Cherry a Part of Your Daily Routine

It is not always easy to incorporate tart cherry extract into your everyday life. One method is adding it to your smoothies, marinade, or salads. The sugar present in tart cherry extract and juice can definitely be an issue. “The key is to find pure good quality tart cherry juice with no added sugar and no addition of blends of other fruits to try to sweeten the tart cherry. Trying to find a tart cherry juice with an 8-ounce serving that contains less than 20 grams of sugar would be beneficial. In the Torii Unwind, there is a minimal amount of only 4 grams of sugar per serving.”

Improving health and wellness is our ultimate goal and direction. We aim to set the industry standard for naturopathic health through our formulas. Tart cherry is the key ingredient to getting your health, wellness, and positivity back on track. The Torii Unwind tonic stimulates your brain function, mood, and assists you in getting a good night's sleep. The formula unlocks restorative benefits that the Tart Cherry extract has to offer. Combined with superfood ingredients such as bee pollen, fulvic acid, and skullcap, the Torii Unwind is a smart way to gently unwind before a good night’s sleep. Bounce back to a regenerative new you.