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Can't Focus? Here’s 5 Reasons Why

It happens to everyone. One minute you’re working, and the next you find yourself scrolling social media or reading an article online. Before you realize, an hour has gone by and you still haven’t got any work completed. Ugh.

You’ve tried exercise and meditation, but you’re still having trouble concentrating and you can’t figure out why. Well, it turns out there are some weird reasons you might not be able to focus, and neither meditation nor exercise will fix it.

Here are five underlying reasons why you could be having trouble focusing.

1. You have seasonal allergies.

With seasonal transitions comes seasonal allergies. If you’re among the 40 to 60 millions of Americans who are lucky enough to experience these allergies, you know that itchy eyes, stuffy nose, congestion, and fatigue are all run of the mill symptoms. What you might not have known, though, is that seasonal allergies can also cause decreased concentration and focus.

How to improve focus:

Get an allergy test done if you aren’t sure about seasonal allergies. This will tell you exactly what you are allergic to so that you can minimize your interactions with it. Be sure to track the day’s allergens (you can do that here) and adjust accordingly, i.e., if pollen count is high, keep your windows shut so it doesn’t enter your home. Talk to your allergist about the best treatments for seasonal allergies.

2. You aren’t getting enough rest.

Just because you got eight hours of sleep doesn’t mean you got good quality rest. Crazy, right? There are many reasons why your sleep may not be restful. Maybe you have a sleep disorder you are unaware of. Maybe you suffer from sleep apnea. Or maybe you just aren’t hitting that REM sleep enough throughout the night. Any and all of these things could be sabotaging your rest, causing impaired or sluggish brain functioning the following day.

How to improve focus:

Stay away from alcohol before bed, as it suppresses REM sleep early in the night and makes you wake up periodically throughout the evening. Also, stay away from screens before bed as they can make it harder to fall asleep. If you suspect you might have a sleep disorder of any kind, talk to your doctor. They can refer you to a sleep specialist who will get to the bottom of the issue. Improve your sleep, improve your focus.

3. You’re eating too much...or not enough.

What you put or do not put into your body can be a major factor in mental focus.

We’ve all experienced the inevitable food coma before, and the results aren’t pretty. Eating too many carbs, or foods that are high in fat or sugar can leave you feeling sluggish. It’s hard for your body to process large portions and limits blood flow to your brain, throwing your focus out the window.

Eating too little is just as bad for your concentration as eating too much. Your ability to focus and retain knowledge completely deteriorates as your brain is deprived of nutrients. In other words, you can’t concentrate on anything other than getting food into your body.

How to improve focus:

Not only should you be eating every few hours to keep energy up and brain functioning high, but you also need to be eating the right foods. Excessive carbs, fats, or sugars will not keep you at your best. Make fruits and veggies your go-to snacks and focus on balanced, healthy meals to improve concentration.

4. You have nutrient deficiencies.

If you have a deficiency in vitamins and nutrients in your body (especially iron), it could be a cause for cognitive impairment. One study from The British Journal of Nutrition showed daily supplementation (multivitamin or minerals: iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium) improved the speed and accuracy of attention, mood, and memory for 81 healthy children.

How to improve focus:

Schedule a blood test to find out whether or not you have anemia, another nutrient deficiency, or if something else is going on that’s stopping your body from utilizing the nutrients properly. A doctor will be able to tell you what your body needs more of.  

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