Torii Labs

Co-created by Lulu Luchaire and Giles Hayward, Europeans seduced by the California lifestyle, Torii Labs is the culmination of their mutual desire to create a product that both enhances well-being and introduces a fresh approach to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. “Both of us come from high performance backgrounds,” explains Hayward, “there was a sacrifice of balance and rest, that we just didn’t realize was happening until we moved to California and saw another way of approaching life.”

“We decided that we wanted use our experience to create products that allow people to operate at their optimum level,” he adds. As a partner in the L.A. beauty and wellness company Phylia de M., Hayward utilizes Phylia’s core ingredient, organic, humic free fulvic acid, to fuel the Torii Labs formulas. Created from the natural fermentation of organic matter, this multiuse healer helps to transport vital nutrients on a cellular level, while removing the body of harmful toxins and free radicals.